Honda TRX450R Pro Bounce Nerf Bars (Black)

Honda TRX450R Pro Bounce Nerf Bars (Black)


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Honda TRX450R Pro Bounce Nerf Bars
Overall width of your ATV with these nerf bars installed should be roughly 46 1/2" - 47".
Suspension Foot Peg
  • Rubber Ball with Progressive Shock Absorbing Abilities
  • Convex Shape - Fits snug to Feet
  • Mud Clean Outs
  • Rubber Isolation Mounts - Reduces Frame Vibration

Tree Hugger

  • Allows you to Pivot Around Trees


  • Aluminum Tubes Mount to Steel Mounts
  • Bolt On Assembly - Prevents Aluminum Cracks caused by Frame Flexing
  • Heel Guard Mounts Directly to Foot Peg


  • Radius Net Loops - Reduces Net Frey
  • High Strength Rivets hold on Radius Net Loops

Pro Bounce Nerf Bars with Suspension Foot Peg (US Patent # US 8,444,165)
Suspension Foot Peg (US Patent # US 8,444,165)
  • Our Patented Suspension Foot Peg (US Patent # US 8,444,165) is the only Peg in the industry that incorporates Suspension!! We have installed a Rubber Ball with Progressive Shock Absorbing Abilities under the convex foot peg. During bumps, the rubber ball compresses, soaking up vibrations, saving your legs and body from experiencing additional fatigue while riding. This allows you to ride harder, longer! Who wouldn't want that?
  • The Convex Shape of our Foot Peg optimizes grip on your boot without shredding it to bits.
  • Excessive amounts of mud adds extra weight to your quad and makes the peg slippery, and hard to stay on. Our suspension foot peg has large mud cleanouts which helps prevent mud for sticking.
  • Suspension Foot Peg with Rubber Ball Suspension Peg Rubber Washer Suspension Peg Mud Clean Outs Suspension Peg Rubber Cones
Tree Hugger
  • Ever notice how racers will take whatever chance they can to pass another racer? Well our Tree Hugger design is used exactly for that. The extra bend in the Tube allows riders to pivot around trees and make faster corners, ultimately passing the competition.
Nerf Bars Tree Hugger Mounting
  • Aluminum Tubes mount directly to Steel Mounts
  • As you're riding everything is moving and flexing. The flexing of your frame can cause cracks in Aluminum Welds if they aren't strong enough. Our Bolt on Assembly eliminates Welded Aluminum, therefore - no cracks! This bolt on assembly also means easy installation and you can replace individual parts
  • Heel Guards mount directly to the foot peg in both locations instead of to the frame or subframe. This also helps prevent cracks or damage from normal wear and tear, but also means you wont tear your frame apart if you rip one of these nerf bars off.
  • Nerf Bars Bolt Together Nerf Bars Heel Guard Bolts to Peg Nets
Radius Net Loops
  • Help reduce net fray. No slits to tear the webbing.
  • High Strength Rivets hold on Radius Net Loops. This means no welding, decreasing the cost of the Nerf Bar set.

  • This install guide is a general guide for many variations over the years.
  • Questions regarding a specific model not pictured, please call 740-382-8100 ext 2 for Technical Support


  • For the old style nerf bars, where the heal guard is separate, click HERE for install guide
  • Old style replacement netting can be found at

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