Yamaha Raptor 700 Pro Bounce Nerf Bars   ***Ships in 4 weeks
Yamaha Raptor 700 Pro Bounce Nerf Bars   ***Ships in 4 weeks

Yamaha Raptor 700 Pro Bounce Nerf Bars ***Ships in 4 weeks


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Yamaha Raptor 700 Pro Bounce Nerf Bars (Fits all years)
Overall width of your ATV with these nerf bars installed should be roughly 48".

Suspension Foot Peg
  • Convex Shape - Fits snug to Feet
  • Mud Clean Outs
  • Rubber Isolation Mounts - Reduces Frame Vibration
  • Product will vary from the picture
Tree Hugger
  • Ever notice how racers will take whatever chance they can to pass another racer? Well our Tree Hugger design is used exactly for that. The extra bend in the Tube allows riders to pivot around trees and make faster corners, ultimately passing the competition.
  • Aluminum Tubes mount directly to Steel Mounts
  • As you're riding everything is moving and flexing. The flexing of your frame can cause cracks in Aluminum Welds if they aren't strong enough. Our Bolt on Assembly eliminates Welded Aluminum, therefore - no cracks! This bolt on assembly also means easy installation and you can replace individual parts
  • Heel Guards mount directly to the foot peg in both locations instead of to the frame or subframe. This also helps prevent cracks or damage from normal wear and tear, but also means you wont tear your frame apart if you rip one of these nerf bars off.
  • Nerf Bars Bolt Together Nerf Bars Heel Guard Bolts to Peg
  • Radius Net Loops - Reduces Net Frey

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