Yamaha YXZ Winch Mounting Bracket

Yamaha YXZ Winch Mounting Bracket


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Until now, the rest of the industry has mounted the winch on the bumper, ruining the looks of a bumper, throwing off the vehicle’s weight distribution, and inconveniencing riders who often climb steep walls or inclines due to the bumper having to be much farther forward. We have taken an innovative approach and designed our winch mounting bracket to hide away within the chassis, directly in front of the steering rack.


Pair your Houser Racing Yamaha YXZ1000R/SS/SE Sport Front Bumper with our Hideaway Winch Mounting Bracket for the ultimate mix of form and function. We have utilized the extremely small confined space between the shocks, lights, and steering rack to produce a mounting system that you won’t even know is there until you need it. It’s unfortunate this part is hid away, because the engineering that went into the packaging of it is astounding. With less than ¼ of an inch of clearance above and in front of the winch mount, we needed to make sure our measurements were absolutely perfect. Additionally, our winch cord passes directly through the plastics of the YXZ and out through our Sport Front Bumper, for a divine interface of functionality.

Warning: Possible trimming and modifications may be needed on the plastics where the winch cord runs through to the front bumper.

    Technical Specifications-380700

    • Designed to work with the Warn Yamaha Vantage 3000 winch, part number: SSV-F740C-T0-00 (also 3500)
    • Designed to be used with the Houser Racing YXZ1000R Sport Front Bumper
    • Winch Bolt Pattern: 3"x4.87"
    • Constructed of bent 0.125” Steel
    • Supported for any direction of loading
    • Hideaway mounting system fully encapsulates winch within the front of the chassis
    • Weight: 3.5 lbs

    Kit included

    • (2) M10 x 1.5 x 20 Hex Head Flange Bolts
    • (2) m10 x 1.25 x 20 Hex Head Flange Bolts 
    • (2) M10 x 1.5 Nyloc Nuts
    • (2) M10 x 1.25 Nyloc Nuts


    • This install guide is a general guide for many variations over the years.
    • Questions regarding a specific model not pictured, please call 740-382-8100 ext 2 for Technical Support

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