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About Houser Racing

Introducing the Houser Racing Team

John and Jeff Houser

Born from a true passion for ATV racing, HOUSER Racing was founded in 1998 by John Houser and his son Jeff. The company is a division of John Houser & Associates, a consulting engineering firm that has been designing high-speed equipment for Whirlpool Corporation for the past 20 years. So even before they got involved with ATVs, the Housers understood the need for speed. Whirlpool makes about 18,000 dryers a day, so the equipment designed for them really needs to kick out the parts.

When Jeff began participating in ATV hare scrambles and motor cross races, both he and his dad caught the bug to win and to find new ways to do it. Like most racers, they pumped

up the motor and went a little faster, but they soon realized that having a strong motor wasn't enough.

To really improve speed and performance, it was going to take the kind of suspension upgrades that empower an aggressive rider. But when they started purchasing high-performance chassis components, they encountered a number of difficulties. Delivery time on some items, like A-Arms and shocks, was in the four- to six-month range. Unfortunately, when they finally did receive the components, they often wouldn't fit due to poor workmanship. Even if they did fit, they often didn't perform due to poor design. Many products were missing some very basic engineering concepts.

Frustrated with their inability to find the type of quality parts they were looking for, John, a registered mechanical engineer, began working with Jeff to design and produce components to maximize the performance of their own ATVs. They started with a set of A-Arms for a Honda 250X. They created the design on the computer, designed and built a fixture, then created and welded the parts and finished them with powder coating. The A-Arms worked great! As time went on, more and more of their friends wanted to buy the growing list of innovative products they were making.

Today, the company that got its start as a father and son team trying to find ways to push the limits of performance on their own ATVs has become a leader in the industry. As they continue to grow, Houser Racing has grown into larger facilities two times. They now have state-of-the-art equipment like CNC (computer numerical controlled) lathes, CNC mills, powder coat paint systems, robotic welders, and TIG welders. Their expanded facility includes separate assembly, customer service, steel receiving, engineering and shipping departments.

It was the Houser's natural interest and intense participation in ATV racing that got them involved in the industry to begin with, so they truly enjoy the challenge of identifying and answering the need for high-performance parts. And they never lose sight of the principles the company was based on:

  • Developing creative designs that utilize sound, innovative engineering solutions
  • Producing high quality parts in a cost-efficient manner
  • Consistently delivering their products on time
  • And most importantly, being responsive to the needs of the customer

Over the years, Houser Racing has become more than just a Father/Son business. The whole family has worked for us at one point or another.

Jennifer Haley - Jeff's younger sister started in 2004 writing pay checks and answering the phone. She worked full time while attending college. She received her Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education in 2008. Although she attempted to teach, she decided to stay on with the family. Still heavily involved in the business today, she wears many hats. She heads up the advertising department and international sales, as well as sponsorships. She follows through on production, shipping, receiving, and warehousing. She also works directly with the employees. Many times you can catch Jen answering the phone, or shipping boxes.

Erin Houser - Jeff's wife started with the business 2001. Over the years she has handled just about everything. Currently she is mostly involved in Human Resources and Employee management. She also directs all phone traffic to the correct person. She does a great job of keeping all of us in line. She and Jeff have two children - Brenna and Brayden. Both have the need for speed, as well as the management skills to go far in life. Brayden already thinks he's the boss. 

Sandy Houser - John's wife is the real boss. Although she is not working at the office everyday, she is always looking out for our best interest. She keeps everyone civil and in line. She also has a Master's in Education, but retired from teaching in 2010. She now enjoys working on her own schedule, helping out where-ever necessary. She promotes good business practices, and really cheers us on when we need it most. She is our moral support.

Jessica Houser - Jeff's old sister, worked as an engineer and advertiser from 2007-2010. Now she has an invested interest in real-estate. She left the business in late 2010 to pursue this dream further. Although she is no longer with Houser Racing, she is still very much interested in the businesses success.

Brian Haley - Jennifer's husband has been behind her since the beginning. He has been on the payroll a time or two, but works outside the business as a career. He is an Engineer for Star Turbine. He enjoys his work very much.

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